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The Accessory Ads program from 7Search provides affiliates with a way to integrate an AdZone of advertisements into their pages and earn 60% of the revenue.
What makes AccessoryAds unique is that affiliates can guarantee that competitors will never appear on their site - unlike contextual solutions from Google's Adsense or the Yahoo! Publisher program.
AccessoryAds is a more appropriate solution for websites selling products or services because the advertising that is displayed within your AdZone is not based on semantic (language) assumptions, but rather the category of business that the affiliate chooses. Pick a category for your website and the 7Search system associates targeted advertisements to display. It's that simple!
For example, if an advertiser sells flowers and bids on the category "Shopping: Gifts", surfers visiting your "gift" related website may also be interested in buying flowers and click the AccessoryAd.
The ability to eliminate competitors from your ads is crucial and is the reason they are called "Accessory Ads". These ads act as accessories to your content. They compliment your website and unlike contextual advertisements never display competitors that are related to your content. AccessoryAds are a vast improvement over the contextual ad concept.

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